Leah Shmerling

Founder and Principal Consultant, Career Coaching and Training
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Leah Shmerling is the Founder and Principal Consultant of Career Coaching and Training, Career Coach and Certified Retirement Coach. She is passionate about education, training and career development. With numerous higher level and vocational qualifications, and over thirty-five years’ experience in career development, education and training, she brings professionalism and depth of understanding to mentoring and professional development, career counselling and coaching, job seeking and retirement coaching.

Leah is the developer, writer and producer of a range of online short courses that are produced and published in Open Learning.

Leah is a professional member of the Career Development Association Australia (CDAA). She has international accreditation and is Board Certified as a Career Management Fellow with the Institute of Career Certification. Leah is a Certified Retirement Coach with Retirement Options.

Leah possesses a positive approach to life, work and people.