Issuing Multiple Certificates in One Course

It is not uncommon in CPD short courses to assign a certificate which states 1 CPD hour or 2 CPD hours. It is not feasible to create a separate course site in order to assign a new certificate only because the number of hours changed or the topic/level is different. 

Example 1: A short course contains 10 topics. Each topic is worth 1 or 2 CPD hours. Each topic has core/intermediate/advanced/expert level to it. We need to be able to generate multiple certificates when a learner completes a topic. 

Cert A. Completed Topic 1 at Core Level equating 1 CPD hour

Cert B. Completed Topic 2 at Intermediate Level equating to 2CPD hours

Cert C. Completed Topic N at Level N equating N CPD hours

Creating 10 sites to accommodate 10 different certificates is impractical. It would be great if there was a feature which allowed assigning multiple certificates on Module completion. In my case, I would need to create about 90 course sites to allow for a different level/topic/CPD hours, which could be addressed by custom fields and multiple certificates out of 1 course site. I understand that it would be a bit of a re-write to make it work with Accredible. 

N.B. Community badges/Achievements, although they can be assigned per Module, don't really help in this scenario, because there is no way for an employer to check any metadata of the Achievement - you need to be enrolled in the OL course. The images of badges in Achievements are too tiny to make out any writing on it, 78x78px, if we think that it is possible to read topic/level/cpd hours on such small real-estate.

Fingers crossed for this feature  



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