Break out text box with coloured border


I would like a 'break out box' to be part of the text widget in the same 'format' drop down menu as an additional 'special' option (along with spoiler, container etc). This would be a text box with a coloured border (see attached). 

This would help alert users to text they need to play special attention to. For example, in a medical course, a 'contraindication' is an alert about what not to do to a patient. Contraindications are always highlighted in a stand out colour on a prescription drug box; or in online learning they need to be visually separated from the rest of the text with a red or yellow border so it is not missed.  

I have tried creating this in the HTML widget with the help of OL staff Suria and Ferry. Although we have changed the code, when I click 'save' the changes just don't appear on the page on my end - even though the changes show up for Suria and Ferry. So this needs to be part of the Text widget, rather than being cobbled together in the HTML widget. 

Other feature the 'break out box' function needs to have:

  • ability for the font to match the standard OL page font automatically without having to change the code
  • ability to format the text -  like adding H2, bold, dot points etc -  without having to go into the code
  • ability to choose the colour of the border, using hex codes
  • ability to choose the thickness of the line
  • ability to add an image inside the break out box

Thank you for your help so far Suria and Ferry! 



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