Who do I contact when I have a course specific query?

If you have an issue or query related to something course specific, such as the learning materials, certificates, activation code or pricing, it is best to contact the course facilitator or administrator. You can usually identify them by the red star symbol next to their name. 



Click on their name which takes you to their profile page. You can post a comment on this page or send them a private message.


 If you can’t find a comment by the course facilitator, you could try finding a link to their profile page on the course landing page. 


If you are not enrolled in the course yet, that should be easy. Simply go to the course landing page and scroll down to find the Who is Supporting You section.


You can also try leaving a comment on a page inside the course. A fellow learner might be able to help you out. 


If you are still having trouble, contact OpenLearning Support.

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  • stuck at 75%, do i have to do it all over again

    • NORAZLEN BIN OTHMAN Hi there! It looks like you were able to achieve 100% completion and gain your certificate. Congrats! Please let us know if you still need any help.

  • Im stuck at implikasi kegagalan bayaran ansuran pinjaman perumahan...the quizzes did not come out,tq

  • i couldnt open the quizzes...makes me stuck ...im only got 89% before completing it...whats the problem

    • Juliana Abdullah Hi Juliana! Could you please email us at support@openlearning.com with the details of your course and perhaps a screenshot of the issue? We'd be happy to help you :)

  • Hi.. i cannot continue my course..how to resolve?

  • Hello , I have completed the course named as " Industries and the world of work " but due to some problem in website i can not play the videos in 1st module , playing the videos facing this problem  (Playback on other Websites has been disabled by the video owner) that is why i am not able to complete the course ,kindly fix this problem as soon as possible so that i may download certificate 

    • Kaishab Hi there!

      OpenLearning provides the learning platform for organisations and individuals to teach their courses. If you have any platform or technical issues, you can always ask us! 

      But for course-specific and content-related queries, they would need to be answered by the course facilitator. You could either comment within the course for the facilitator to reply, or you could send them a direct message on their profile page, if they have chat enabled.

  • administrator

     Saya telah log masuk dalam modul 1 dan tengah melengkapkan aktiviti 2, laptop saya ada masalah dan tiba-tiba restart semula, bila saya ingin join semula kursus ini, tapi status saya adalah "Joined".  Mohon jasa baik tuan agar tunjukkan cara bagaimana saya dapat sambung pembelajaran ini sehingga tamat. Sekian, terima kasih.

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    • CHEH YOK LIN         Saya juga telah mendaftar JOIN kali pertama  67 %. Kemudian mendaftar lagi semu mulai  modul 1  dan meneruskannya  sehingga mencapai 75% dan ada baki 3 modul untuk tamat tetapi line yang sangat lembab ,modul tidak dapat dilayari dengan jelas dan cepat. Apabila saya membuat aduan kepada support@learning  saya diminta untuk join sign semula hingga menukar email baharu yang terpaksa kita buat semula menyebabkan seusia saya 50 an ini menjadi stress.

    • tolonggg..saya pun mengalami masalah yang sama...macamana nak buat ni...kenapa tak ada reply dr admin..

    • NADHILAH BINTI SUHAIMI If you're having issues, please email support@openlearning.com. Thanks.

  • tq

  • hi! bagaimana untuk menyambung kembali sesi yang belum di jawab? secara tidak sengaja saya terkeluar semasa sesi menjawab. 

  • Hi I can't log into my course, need help

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