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Having spent a considerable amount of time updating a logo on multiple pages in multiple sites, it would be very useful to have a repository where this logo would exist as a single copy and every instance of its use would be linked to this one version.

If the logo needs to be updated, it takes only a couple of mins to upload the new version and it is correctly reflected in all the places it's linked.

This would also be the same for other resources such as PDF documents, images etc.

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    • Ronda_Collins
    • 5 yrs ago
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    To add a bit more context, when I was working as an academic at a uni and was a course creator, I would develop a qualification guide that had to be made available in all the courses within the qualification. So i'd create the document and upload it to the repository and then in each of the courses in the qual i'd link to  it.

    If the document needed to be tweaked, updated etc, it was a simple action of uploading the new version to the repository and the links in each of the courses would remain current but pull the updated version.

    The same for images. If an image (eg logo) is to be placed in more than one place within a course site or in multiple courses, it can be pulled from the current version in the repository.

    Any higher ed provider would view this functionality as a basic feature - both to ensure currency of versions in all places and to reduce data redundancy.

    • Katarina_Chmolova
    • 5 yrs ago
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    Yes please!  🙏

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