How can I see what's on the OpenLearning product roadmap?

The OpenLearning product roadmap is created and managed by the OpenLearning product team. The OpenLearning product team has created a public version to share with you. Within the public version of the roadmap, you can expect to see what we're currently working on and where we're headed in the near future.

 It is worth noting that roadmaps often shift and change. As we learn more about the best approach to solving certain problems, we will be adjusting and optimising our plans along the way. 

There are 3 lanes in the roadmap: Planned, In Progress, Completed

We have a solution to a problem scoped and some plans to start work this quarter. If there are no major unexpected disruptions, it will be in progress soon.

What we are currently working on.

Recent improvements that you can see and use on the platform. Take a look and let us know how you would use it.

You can see it here:



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