Assess Students: have a left-right scroll bar at top AS WELL as the bottom of student list!!

I have a class of about 60 students, and 10 chapters to assess. The left-right scroll bar is only at the bottom, so if I want to enter the marks for any chapter after No 2, I need to scroll ALL the way to the bottom of the student list, then scroll to the right to view the correct chapter, then scroll back up to the top of the student list to start marking from the top.

Then if I mark a student, and click "go back to student list", I'm returned to the left most side of the assessment pane so I need to repeat the whole process to return back to where I was marking. 

This is extremely annoying and is going to get increasingly impossible to mark with a larger student class.

Even better: have the left-right scroll bar accessible at all times, regardless of where you are in the student list!

Thanks so much.

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