Widget that accepts both group and individual submissions

We have courses where some students are in groups and some students are working individually. A widget that accepts both group and individual submissions would be very useful.

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  • Hi there! Thank you for your suggestion, however, could you please clarify - is your intention to have a task (let's say the task is to submit a file or post some text) where the learners would be able to post either as individuals or groups - for the same task?

  • Hi Alenka! Yes that is exactly what we would like. Students who are in groups can submit as groups and students who are not in groups can post individually, all for the same task.

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    • reSolve Mathematics by Inquiry Hi, thank you for clarifying. You are right, we don't have a widget for that, but you could do this with a bit of a workaround.

      • set up a group type that allows students to create groups
      • use the Group space widget for your assignment
      • everyone must be in a group to participate in the space, however, since students can create groups, the individuals can create a sort of "solo" group only they would be in, and then submit the task

      Would this work for you?

    • Alenka Prezelj This is more or less our current solution, but a properly integrated solution would be preferable.

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  • Hi,

    Thanks for the update and thank you for allocating the time to suggest a feature in this section.

    This suggestion is visible to our product team who will make the decisions on features for the platform.

    Have a great day.

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