How do I use the Post file widget?

How to access the Post file widget

Widgets are the tools with which course administrators create and build the pages of their course.  

The Post file widget can be course administrators to allow students to share files into a gallery.  

In order to access the Post file widget:  

  1. Go to the page in your course where you'd like to add this widget.
  2. Select Edit mode.
  3. In the lefthand widget menu, click on the Post file widget icon (or you can hold and drag it wherever you'd like on the page).


Note: adding the Post file widget to a page will automatically add a Gallery widget too.  

How to set up the Post file widget

After adding a Post file widget to your page, you can set it up by following the instructions below: 

  1. Click on the Setup tab at the top of the  widget.
  2. Title: Add a title for the widget.
  3. Label: You can change the label to replace the default "Share your thoughts".
  4. Drop Text: The words displayed on the gray part of the widget which instruct learners on where or how to upload their files. The default is "Upload a File".
  5. Allowed File Type: In this dropdown menu you can choose to allow students to upload form the following file types:
  • Any: Will allow learners to share any of the below listed file types into the Post file widget.
  • Video: Will allow learners to share mp4, mov, avi, webm, and ogg files.
  • Audio: Will allow learners to share mp3, m4a, webm, ogg, and wav files.
  • Document: Will allow learners to share doc, xls, ppt, pdf, and txt files.


Note: the posts students submit through the Post text widget will be displayed in the Gallery widget. 

Completing activities on a page is how learners make progress and receive their certificates or complete the course. 

As the administrator, you can modify how each widget tracks this progress.  

To do this, click on the Completion Settings tab on the widget and choose one of the following options:  

No completion tracking: This activity will not count towards overall course progress. 

Completed when student posts a file: This activity will be marked complete once the learner posts their file in the widget. 



The Post file widget allows learners to post their files to the platform. By default, when a learner makes a post, it is visible to other learners in the class. 


 It is possible to change this default visibility.  

You can:

  • control who can see the posts (everyone in the class or just course staff and the author),
  • control when the posts can be viewed (after a certain task is completed or a specific date)
  • let students control the post visibility.
  • allow group submissions.

For more detailed information on the share settings, please refer to  Post widgets: how to use share settings to control post visibility 

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