How does a course administrator set up group types?

As a course administrator, you can define the types of groups that will exist within your course.

Step 1

Go to Course Setup > Groups on the left-side menu.

By default, every new course comes with a type of group called Study Group where the learners are free to create, join, and manage study groups independently.


Step 2

You can create additional group types to suit your course design by clicking on Create a new group type.

For example:

  • Study Group might be used for weekly activities.
  • Tutorial Group might be used for a weekly live class.
  • Team Project Group might be used for students to work on a final project.

The linked activities for each group type would be reflected in the Share settings. (eg for Team Project, the group type setting in the widget would be group type Team Project).

Step 3

Enter group type name, and select who can create and join groups. Then click Create.

If you ever change your mind about the settings, you can also chnage them by clicking on Edit.



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