Why set up outcome tags if you aren’t using the assessment system?

Outcome tags are shortened versions of the outcomes, which you can use to tag course pages, activities and learner posts with the relevant course outcome. 

Add them to pages throughout the course to reflect alignment between learning activities and outcomes. (i.e. what you’re learning about on a page relates to a learning outcome).

Although outcome tags are useful for assessing learners, they can also be used to help facilitate the learners in your course in the following ways:

Linking relevant pages

Adding tags on every page or activity adds transparency for your learners and what they are learning. Outcome tags can help learners see which outcome they are working towards and allows them to understand and connect separate sections of the course to generate a more complete understanding of their goal.

Linking relevant posts created by learners

If you place an activity on a page with an outcome tag, that tag will automatically be attached to any posts made by learners from any activity placed there.

You can also set outcome tags on a specific activity widget instead of an entire page. These tags will automatically be attached to any posts made from this activity.

Outcome tags can also be added to widgets and pages after learners have already posted and will be attached to their posts retrospectively.


How do I use learning outcome tags?



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