How do I copy a page from one course to another?

You can copy a course page - either within a course or across courses, by following the steps below.

Want to copy an entire course? Click here.

Step 1

Create a new course URL.

Step 2

To copy a page:

- Click Edit

- choose Settings

- click on Copy

- Under "copy this page to" update the URL to be the new course's URL instead of the existing one

Be sure to include the filename at the end when you're copying a course URL or to create a new one. If the final URL for your new page is not unique, this process will not work.

Step 3

Now that you have copied the page from the old course to the new one, you need to add it to the module.

Go to the new course, Course setup > Course content.

Choose the suitable module and start typing the page name. The page will appear in the drop-down. Click on it to add it to the module.


Step 4

Edit the appearance etc.


Q: I need my students to take the same course once a year. How do I do that?

Copy all the pages to a new course as instructed above, then when the new course goes live, you would need to turn the old one OFFLINE, so students can't go back into it and see their previous answers.

Copying the course could be a nice opportunity to make any updates, changes or adjustments to your course, particularly after feedback from the first version that students would have experienced.

To turn your old course offline:

Step 1

Go to Course Setup > General

Step 2

Next to "Course status is" click on the bar so that it says "offline"

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