Enrol students into a course after "join" prompts them to create an OL account

Hi everyone!

A lot of confused students have emailed support about this.

They are invited via email to a course but they don't yet have an OL account. When they click "join" it prompts them to create one and when they're done, they are redirected to the home page and not enroled in their course.

But because they clicked "join" they assume that they should have been. I can see where the confusion comes from.

Others who have created courses and are sharing them via links are getting confused as to why their students aren't being enroled after clicking "join" as well.

It might be good to have the students automatically enroled in whichever course prompts them to create an account and have them redirected to the course's homepage after their account is set up to avoid any confusion.

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