How do I manually convert my course from V1.0 to V2.0?

All V1.0 courses will be automatically converted to V2.0 on September 2nd 2019.

If you would like to convert your course to V2.0 yourself manually before this date, this guide outlines how.

Converting your course from V1.0 to V2.0 is a great opportunity for a review, reflection and revamp of your course! V2.0 has an improved page design experience and most valuably, enables you to have activities and content on the same page using widgets.

We highly recommend improving the design of your course by utilising our widgets in the most effective way. While this article won't cover the basics of using V2.0, all of our course creator help articles cover this in depth.

Converting before mid to late 2019 is a manual process

Step 1

You will first need to create a new course URL.

Step 2

In the new course, go to Course Setup > Content and type in your module titles.

Step 3

Create pages within your modules.

Step 4

For pages that you wish to copy content from your V1.0 course:

  • Go to the V1.0 course page
  • Click on the Edit pencil
  • Copy the text from the text editor
  • Paste it in the V2.0 course page


1] You cannot copy and paste images from one course to another. They must be uploaded into the V2 course.

2] You can only copy and paste text from V1.0. Activities cannot be copied; they require setting up from scratch using our activity widgets.

Step 5

As your V2.0 course is new, you will need to update all relevant settings for your course.

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  • How do I transfer existing students and their current data to the new course. 

    • Stephen Buckbee Hi Stephen! Unfortunately, the student data cannot be transferred to the new course. That means if the students moves, they will lose their progress. 

      There are a few ways how to move students.

      If the course doesn't have a lot of students, you can simply enrol them one by one in the new course. If you know their e-addresses, you can also do Bulk enrolment. (Administer students > Students)

      If the course has a lot of students, and you don't know their e-addresses, they could enrol in the new course by themselves.The best way would be to notify them about the change (post an announcement in the old course with the link to the new course), suggest they finish the old course (decide on an end date), and if they don't finish until then, they can enrol in the new course.  Maybe also put a notice on the homepage of the old course.


      Hope this helps!

  • Thank you makes sense. 

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  • I gather students are lost if the course is manually converted to V2.0 but does this also apply if I wait until the course is automatically converted? I am building a long-term learning community. 

  • Perfect. I'll wait for that then.



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