How do credits work?

Credits serve as the currency which grants the course administrators access to the OpenLearning AI Assistant tool, a powerful feature that assists with the course creation process.

OpenLearning offers clients a 50AUD credit per subscription to test the AI Assistant tool before purchasing additional credit. This applies to all clients in the trial or with an active subscription.

Each time you use the AI Assistant tool, a specific number of credits is deducted from your balance. More complex or resource-intensive tasks may consume more credits compared to simpler ones.

Note: This includes both input (querying + refining) and the output that is generated, regardless if you decide to keep or delete it.

If you are a subscription administrator or a subscription owner

You can track your credit balance and usage in Institutions Settings > Manage Subscriptions  > Account Usage. Here you can monitor how many credits you have left and how many you have used for specific AI services.

If you are a course administrator

Currently, usage monitoring is not available. However, you will receive a notification when your credits run out. To recharge your credits and regain access to the AI assistant features, please reach out to your subscription administrator or subscription owner. 

Once you run out of credits, you won't be able to use the AI Assistant tool until you purchase more credit. 

As a subscription administrator or owner, you have the option to purchase additional credits through our self-serve feature easily or contact our Account management team for an invoice.

Log in to your account, click on your profile icon, and select Manage Subscriptions.

Go to the Account Usage tab and click on Add credits button.

Select one of the credit bundles below or enter a custom credit amount by clicking on the Add credits button.


Please complete the payment form and add your credit card details to complete the transaction.


To pay for additional credits via an invoice, please send an email to accountmanagement@openlearning.com. Our Account Managers will be happy to assist.

 The AI Credit Allocation System empowers subscription owners and subscription administrators to restrict the amount of credit each team member can use.

By default, all members have unrestricted usage. This means that if you have purchased 100$ worth of credits, any team member can use up those credits.

Here are the steps on how to restrict the usage of credits for some or all team members.

Click on your profile icon and choose Manage subscriptions from the drop-down menu.

Under Usage tab, scroll down to find Usage details.

Check the box next to the team member you want to assign credits to, choose Bulk actions and Restrict credit usage.

Allocate the desired amount to the team member or enter 0 to restrict the usage and click Confirm.

Review the allocated credit amount.


Follow Step 1 and 2 above, then check the box next to the team member you want to remove the restriction for, choose Bulk actions and Remove restriction.



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