SAML Single Sign On

This guide covers using SAML, an XML-based open standard for transferring identity data between two parties: an identity provider (IdP) and a service provider (SP) and will be used for signing users into OpenLearning. 

  • This integration is only available to education providers who have an Institution Plan subscription with OpenLearning.
  • The following information needs to be provided by the IdP (Identity Provider), e.g. a university or other sign-on provider:
    • Entity ID/Issuer URL (required)
    • Sign-In URL (required)
    • Certificate (required)

Go to your OpenLearning portal's Institution Settings > Integration

Scroll down to Manage Single Sign-on (SSO) connections and select SAML as the connection type, and click on Add new SSO connection.

Enter the SAML details that you have from your ID provider.

Name (required): The name should not have any spaces in it. You can specify it to your preference, but we recommend using the organization name to avoid any confusion.

  • Entity ID/Issuer URL (required)
  • Sign-In URL (required)
  • Certificate (required)


Once you have entered the details, click Save.

Click on View details to see the SAML SSO connection details.

Note: Click on the Download XML button if you need the Openlearning SAML metadata or alternatively, copy it from here:

The Launch URL on Step 5 can then be shared with users if you want them to login using the Identity provider details and it would sign them into the portal and redirect them to the portal landing page.

Note: If you have multiple IDPs added, you can share this link instead:


If you would like to link this directly / enrol them to a specific class, follow up with the steps below;

Go to the course and head over to Administer Learners > Advanced

Scroll down to Single Sign-On Settings and tick the checkbox -  Enable automatic enrolment via SAML Sign-On, click Save Settings.


The page will reload and you will now see these options:


  • Class Login URL (SAML): This would be the direct link to sign in to the class instead of landing on the portal page.
  • Failed Enrolment Notification: Any failed enrolment will be sent to the email address that is added to the field here.

If you are having issues linking your IDP with Openlearning, please first refer to the troubleshooting steps listed in this article below:

Failing that, reach out to our Customer Success team at support@openlearning.com with the details of the issue including screenshots of the error and the troubleshooting steps taken so we can assist you further.



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