How do I set up the group activity page widget?

There are many ways to encourage teamwork in your OpenLearning course. One way is by using the group activity page widget. This widget allows you to link to pages where students can work on problems and share information with their group members.

Step 1

With your course in edit mode, toggle core widgets to show all widgets


Step 2

Click on the group activity page widget or drag and place it onto the page


Step 3

Under the setup tab, select the type of group you want to participate in this activity


Step 4

Begin creating a page by typing its name into the box beneath "create a new page" and then click create page at the bottom


Step 5

A new page will pop up that is only accessible to members of the chosen group type. Set up your activity on this page. Click save & close to save your changes

Step 6

Once the group page activity widget has been configured, it should look like this



Step 7

When students click on the widget, they will be taken to the page. There, they will only be able to see and interact with posts made by their own group members




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