How do I set up Chat room widget? - BETA


1. What purpose does the new chat room widget serve?

The chat room widget is a collaboration and presencing tool, encouraging learners to get together and engage in active discussion on designated topics. It allows course creators to create breakaway groups of learners at key points in the course so that they can share ideas in real-time, work on common projects, and build an open environment of collaboration and co-creation.


A good example of a context of use comes from Institution Partner High Resolves, as part of their Just society course:

Learners get into groups to play a game and debrief with the class afterward. They “adopt” a family and play the game of life, to try and get their family the best life and opportunities possible. As a group, they have to acquire a number of points. Then they have to decide what to spend the points on in order to maximise their family’s quality of life.

Facilitators are able to see the discussion threads for a deeper insight into the process that the learners went through in order to get consensus, whilst also enabling the ability to share the artifact with the rest of the class. Part of the functionality included is the ability to curate the content prior to it being shared. 


2. How do I add a chat room to a course page?


Step 1

With your course page in Edit mode, go to the Widget toolbar and select “Beta” from the widget category dropdown.



Step 2

Click or drag the Chat room widget icon onto your page.


Step 3

Click Chat Room Setup in order to begin formatting the Chat Room widget.



Step 4 - How do I configure my chat room?

Upon adding a chat room widget to the page, you will see the below empty state:



To configure a chat room, go to the Chat room Setup tab, and click on the “Add new chat room”  button.



Type in the Activity name for the room and then click on Save and Insert:



That’s it! :)


3. How do I reuse chat rooms once configured?

Chat rooms already configured and deployed have the ability to be reused on other pages of the same course. For example, let’s say you have the students discuss a certain topic in Week 1 (Module 1), and then in Week 3 (Module 3) they continue the discussion.

Here’s how you can re-use the chat room:


Step 1:

Add the Chat room widget on the page, same as above


Step 2:

Click on Chat room Setup tab and select the desired pre-configured chat room from the “Manage existing chat rooms” table by clicking Insert:




4. Chat room student view - What does the chat room look like for students?

When a student enters the chat room, they will see:  

  1. Activity name

  2. Course & Class name

  3. People in the current group

  4. Previous discussion in the chat (if any)



Students can:

1. Enter their own messages into the chat (along with emoticons) via a text box.

2. Edit or delete any message they have previously entered into the chat.


3.  Create a transcript of the chat. (coming soon!)

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