How do I create a quiz?

Quizzes are a good tool for allowing students to reflect on their learning. Creating a quiz is very simple: all you need are quiz widgets and one submit button.

Step 1

While your course is in edit mode, you will see an array of widgets to choose from in the left-hand menu. Click on "core widgets" and toggle it to quiz widgets


Step 2

Choose the widgets you'd like to add to the page and set up your questions and answers within each one. The following example will be done using the multiple choice widget.


Step 3

After adding as many widgets to the page as you'd like and setting them up, add a submit button to the bottom of the page.

The submit button processes the correctness of all compatible widgets on the page.



Step 4

Now that your quiz widgets and your submit button are all set up, the entire page should work as one quiz.

If you chose to display right and wrong answers in your setup, your page should function something like this:


What are widgets and how do I use them?

How do I manage completion settings on a widget?

How do I change the width of widgets?

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  • Hi, how to add an image as a question of multiple choice quiz?

    • Tan Poh Ee Hi Tan, you could use the text widget and insert an image there, then continue with the quiz widget.

      So the order for multile such questions would be:

      text widget (with the image 1)

      quiz widget for possible answers

      text widget (with image 2)

      quiz widget for possible answers



      Let me know if you have any further questions!

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    • Alenka Prezelj Thank you for the reply.

      I have another question:  I am making a test for students and the date and time is scheduled on 17/10/2019, 1pm to 2pm. The test need to be opened at 1pm and closed at 2pm automatically. How to do that? Thanks!   

    • Tan Poh Ee Hi Tan, while you can set up your page to be only accessible from a certain point in time, we currently don't have a feature that would limit the time the students are taking the test.

      In other words, you can set a access time limit on a page, e.g. Oct 11, 1pm-2pm, but that will mean that the students will be able to start working on the page during that time and not after 2pm. But if they stay on the page after 2pm, the test won't close or anything like that. Does that make sense?

      Perhaps you can outsource a timed test and then embed it in the course.

  • How to do essay quiz?

    • Hijjaz Aziz Hi there, can you explain what you mean by "essay quiz"? I'm not sure I understand.

    • Alenka Prezelj Hi Alenka, sorry for not being specific. I want to create a test/quiz for students to answer in essay form. Basically, a long write-up. But I don’t want the submission to be viewed by the whole class. Only teacher can view it.

    • Hijjaz Aziz Sure, that is possible! :)

      You would use the Post text widget. For that widget, you set the Share settings so that only you and the author will see what they submit.


      In the gallery below you would see all the submissions, but each student would only see their own.

      Here's an example of what they would see:



      As you can see at the bottom of the second screenshot, you can Like the student submission, and also comment on it, by clicking on the little bubble. This is great for comments and reviews!


      Finally, if you would prefer to download the essays after they have submitted them, maybe you want to correct them, add some comments inside the essay, etc, you would use Share file widget instead. You can set up privacy settings in the same way as for Post text.

      Again, you will be able to Like and comment on the submitted file, and if necessary, also submit a revision, only visible to you and the author.



      I hope this makes sense!

      Feel free to ask any more questions!

    • Alenka Prezelj Ah! That’s great explanation! Thank you SO much! Wow

    • Hijjaz Aziz You're welcome. :)

  • How can I check quiz scores of individual students?

  • O.k

  • Hi there,

    I am designing a page with 20 questions which include true/false, MCQA, multiple answers and short answer.

    I have 3 questions.

    1. Every time I add a widget, there always have this Check/Submit button at the bottom right corner of every widget. How can I remove them? I guess it is pretty distracted. I just want my students to focus answering without concerning the Check/Submit button appeared there. My reason is, I do not want them to know if they are answering right or wrong before they complete all questions.


    2. Is it possible to have all question shuffling by itself?

    3. Is there any way for me to import all questions in question bank I have, into this OpenLearning platform?

    Thank you.

      • Adilah N
      • Adilah_N
      • 1 yr ago
      • Reported - view

      FYI, for Question 1 - on the "Setup" tab, I already uncheck "Show message to reveal correct/incorrect answers" and on the "Completion Settings" tab, I already select "Completed upon any interaction"

    • Adilah N My apologies for the late reply, we have somehow missed your question as it is located under an article. Could you please email us at support@openlearning.com? We'll be happy to help you there.

  • Hi, I have a question. Can I reuse the same quiz for another group of students? How do I do that? I do not want to input all questions again. Please kindly advice. Thanks.

    • Victor KHOO Woo Taik My apologies for the late reply, we have somehow missed your question as it is located under an article. Could you please email us at support@openlearning.com? We'll be happy to help you there.

  • If we have been submitted the answer and we want to resubmit the answer, the operator or teacher will know that?

    • Ahmad Ari Susanto If it is a quiz, then no.

  • How do I manage completion settings on a widget?

     This link is incorrect. I would like to know how to set completion setting for a quiz. :)

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