What are widgets and how do I use them?

Widgets are the basic building blocks of a page. Use widgets to add text, media, activities, galleries, feeds, etc.

To use a widget:

  • Go to a content page and click Edit to start edit mode.
  • Click or drag widgets from the left sidebar onto the page. 


Types of widgets

Core widgets

Quiz widgets

Integration widgets


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  • When I go to edit a page, there are no widgets in the sidebar.

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    • Dennis Lane Hi Dennis! That's because you're in the space where you edit the title and the description of the module. You should put the actual content on a course page. Click on Add a page below the text editor that you have there (see your screenshot), and type in a name for your page. Then hit enter (or click somewhere) to create the page, and then go to Edit. For more info please refer to this page.

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    • Alenka Prezelj Slapping my forehead here! Thanks a lot for putting me right!

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    • Dennis Lane Hahaha! 😀 That's what I'm here for! Let us know if you have any further questions / issues.

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  • Hi,

    Where do I go to view the files uploaded by students?

    I am probably missing something really obvious, but I can't seem to find their uploaded work.

    I've tried in the page view and edit options as well as looking at the menu.

    Help would be much appreciated. 😊

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    • Mr Craig Hi! Normally you would see these files in the gallery. Perhaps you deleted the gallery widget by mistake? You can bring it back and the files will pop right back up.

      If this doesn't solve the issue, please post a link to your course (and the page), and I will take a closer look! 

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  • how do I edit the comment widget, it is not listed here

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    • Nikki from the RTA Hi Nikki, we don't have a comment widget. Are you referring to Post text widget? Or the comment section? 

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  • Hi. How do view students' answers to a quiz? 

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