Text Widget only visible to Facilitators/Staff

It would be really nice to have the option to put in a text widget which is only visible to course Facilitators and Staff. This would usually contain notes which will assist in facilitation.

One use case is in a highly quantitative course. Say there was an activity or exercise where students need to work out the solution to some Math problem. Then we could have the full solution written out on the page right after where the activity goes so that facilitators don't have to look up the solution in some separate document (or worse still, work out the solution every time).

For something more divergent, say a discussion activity, it could contain notes on some points students might bring up and how facilitators might respond to them or some things facilitators might be able to say to prompt more discussion.

Of course, if this feature were to be made, it should have a clear indicator to the facilitator that only they can see this part of the page.

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