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I am working on a course composed of weekly modules. Most of the course material will be within each module. However I am looking to include a short daily reflection each week Monday through Friday. So that there will be 5 each week. I have played about with different ideas about the best way to present these short reflections. Mondays and Fridays is a short audio clip that is available from another website. If I choose to embed these reflections within each module it is a simple case of plugging in the HTML and the other sites player displays beautifully within the module. 

however I am wondering about whether or not it would be possible to utilise the app and the coarse feed or the blog to schedule the release of a reflection every day at a certain time so that anyone with the app installed would receive a notification on that day. I do not see how that would be possible and wanted to ask if a:) scheduling a message with a notification like this is possible? I would want to schedule the whole term's worth of Reflections at the same time to be released daily later. And then, B) would it be possible to use HTML as well so that on Mondays and Fridays ( which is when I'm wanting to use these other audio clips), playing the clips would be as simple as tapping the play button. 

I am not sure that uploading the file is a possibility. Any help that you can give is greatly appreciated!

With thanks,

John Clancy

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  • Hi John! Could you please send through the link to your course, so we can get a better idea about your course? Also, these reflections that you are referring to, are these going to be videos or audio clips, or something else?

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