How do I set up course categories?

There are two types of categories you must set for your course.

The Marketplace Category: If you want potential learners to be able to find your course more easily in OpenLearning's Marketplace search engine, you must set at least one Marketplace Category. This can be found under Course Promo > Marketplace. The Marketplace Category sorts your course into the correct category in OpenLearning's public Marketplace so that learners may have an easier time finding it. (Note: Only courses that have passed our Course Quality Review will appear in the Marketplace.)

The Institution Category: If you have a number of courses across different subjects and would like to organize them more efficiently for your institution, you might like to group your courses according to your institution categories. This can be found in Course Setup > Advanced > Institution Specific Settings. These categories can be custom-made by you and sort your courses specifically within your institution portal.

From within your selected course, go to Course Promo > Marketplace.

Toggle the bar Primary and Secondary topic area to choose your course category.


 Choosing a Secondary Category is not compulsory. If you have chosen a Secondary Category, your listed courses will be displayed under both categories once they are turned online in Course Setup > General.


This is done within your Institution settings.

Go to Institution Marketing > Landing Page.

Make sure the section is not hidden

You can rename the course category title (optional) and add a blurb. 

Go to Institution settings > Courses > Categories.

Add your category titles, images and blurbs.

Click on Save categories.

This is done inside the course itself.

Go to Course setup > Advanced.

Scroll down to the section titled "Institution Specific Settings" at the bottom of the page.


In the Category section for your selected Institution, choose the category you would like the course to be displayed under.


Don't forget to click Finish when you're done in order to save your changes!

Now your online courses will display under the relevant course categories on the portal.



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