How to import a Course from Common Cartridge

When creating a new course, you can upload an IMS Common Cartridge file of a course which has been exported from another LMS.

(Full) Common Cartridge files can be exported from many LMS platforms and online learning environments. These exports may contain the actual learning content or instructional materials as web content, as well as additional resources such as quizzes, tests, and assignments. OpenLearning can attempt to create a course automatically using the web content that is found within the cartridge file.



First select "Upload IMS Common Cartridge" when adding a new course:

then upload the .imscc file next to "Common Cartridge File", and finally click "ADD COURSE".


How it works:

When creating a course using a Common Cartridge file, OpenLearning will:

  1. first create an empty course, and then
  2. run a task to scan through the uploaded cartridge file to find any compatible web content and navigation info that can be imported into the new course.

Depending on the size of the import, this task may take a little while to run, so your course may not reflect these changes immediately. The course content will automatically update once the import has completed. If the newly created course does not have the imported data, return to the course after a few minutes.


This is likely to not be a perfect import, as OpenLearning differs in its functionality to most other learning platforms - but it may save you time by automating much of the initial setup for any supported content and navigational information that it does find within the Common Cartridge archive.

Due to these differences between various learning platforms, it's recommended to try out your common cartridge files to see what can be imported.


The Common Cartridge importer will:

  • Scan through the manifest and attempt to automatically create course navigation, modules, and module sets.
  • Copy web content resources into OpenLearning pages; only HTML and styles available within OpenLearning will be supported, no custom style sheets, JavaScript or interactivity can be imported.
  • Upload any files, images, or media into the correct locations on OpenLearning pages that are provided within the Common Cartridge archive.

Note that the following are not currently supported:

  • LTI, QTI, or assignment setup

In other words, this importer can find and use any HTML web content, images, and media within the cartridge, but will skip quizzes, tests, assignments, and discussion activities.



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