How do I create a page?

After you have created your modules in Course Setup > Content, it's time to create your pages.

Course pages are what students will work through within each module. On each page will be your course content and activities (which we'll cover in a different article).

Follow the steps below to create pages in your modules.


Step 1

Go to Course Setup > Content.

Step 2

Go to the module you want to add a page in and find the box that says Add a page.

Step 3

Type the name of your page and hit Enter

You have now created a page!

Step 4

You can check how the page looks within the module by clicking on the Learning Activities tab in the navigation menu.

Step 5

To begin editing the page and adding in your content and activities, click either Edit Page (the page will pop out for you to edit), or click View Page and then Edit.



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