How do I send an announcement?

Announcements are a great way to touch base with your course community. As a course administrator or facilitator, you can send out announcements to learners and other course staff in the class.

Your announcements could be about:

  • class start or end times
  • key course information such as assignment dates, project submission dates, etc.
  • sharing course-relevant news or articles with the community
  • celebrating course or learner milestones
  • ...or anything else you’d like to talk to your class about

Announcements can be:

  • sent to only one or multiple classes in a course
  • sent immediately or scheduled to be sent at a particular date and time
  • scheduled to be repeated at a certain frequency
  • Course administrators can send the announcements to all classes

  • Facilitators can only send the announcements to the classes they are assigned to

To manage, send and schedule your announcements go to Administer Learners > Announcements.

 You can also:

- set the class that you want to send the announcement to

- enter a title and message body

- send the message immediately or schedule it

- set the announcement to be sent repeatedly or only once

- disable the comment section

  • Go to  Administer learners > Announcements > Manage Announcements > Actions > Edit. Add the classes to “Who will see this announcement”. Notifications will be sent to the newly added classes only.

Go to  Administer learners > Announcements > Manage Announcements > Actions > Delete.

Create a new announcement and at the bottom, make sure you choose Schedule for later and /or Repeat announcement. Enter the date and time. Finally, click on Schedule.

Go into the scheduled announcement. Change Repeat announcement to No Repeat (Please note that this current scheduled one will still be sent). OR

Go to the scheduled announcement and delete it. (Please note that this current scheduled announcement and future scheduled ones will no longer be sent)


Learners will receive notifications according to the Course notification settings. (See Learner sections). This can be a platform notification, immediate email or the announcement can be included in the daily digest.

By default, when you send an announcement, the recipients will receive all three types of notifications, provided they didn’t mute the class.

  • Platform notification.

  •   Immediate email notification. 

The learner can also access the announcement by clicking on the Announcement tab on the left-side course menu. A learner only sees the announcements that were sent to the class they are enrolled in.

While you are technically able to post an announcement for a class that is closed (or in a course that is offline), the learners will not receive a notification and they will not be able to access the announcement.


Please note that announcements are class-specific. The announcement you send will be sent to the learners and facilitators in the selected class, and also all course administrators.

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    • Keryn_Mells
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    I don't have this on my navigation menu.  How can I get it?

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      • Alenka_Prezelj
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      Keryn Mells Hi Keryn, I replied your question on the other page.

    • silver_beam
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    How to make an announcement for all classes for one course. If this not possible, how can I copy an announcement in my class to other classes. Yes, I’m the admin.

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