Marking for group task (no need to key in marks for individual student)


The group set up for the task is done correctly since the very beginning, as per the image.

Link to the page: https://www.openlearning.com/courses/motorcycle-convoy/tips_from_others/

But the marking still goes to the individual students. This take a lot of time for marking the assessment.

As an example in the image, in the screen "Assess Students", I have marked 1 student named Muhammad Shafeeq (1/8 criteria graded; this is group task), but you can see the other member still 0/8 criteria graded. 

I hope you can develop this feature to be incorporated into your system. Look forward to the progress. 

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  • I agree if group assessment can be conducted in group, not individual assessment.

  • Group assessment is important. Most courses have group assignment. OL has provided this feature to submit as a group. Please the developer to consider this as urgent for the group assessment.

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    • Waluyo Adi Siswanto baru mau saya tanyakan pak.. 😂

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  • Still waiting for this feature......

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  • We need it, indeed

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  • Great!! This is a feature that we absolutely need. Hopefully openlearning realize it soon. 👌👍

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