Learner-based Pedagogy: Provide Options to Select ALL or ONLY CERTAIN Modules or Pages to be Completed

As a part of learner-based pedagogy, courses designed should provide learners with the options to select their own modules and pages which are relevant and benefit them. Some learners would have prior knowledge on certain modules or pages, hence forcing them to complete these redundancies would defeat the purpose of personalized learning which is a crucial part of e-Pedagogy.

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  • Hi Aksara! Thank you for your feedback. Currently, what you can do as a course creator is make certain modules, pages or just parts of pages (=widgets) optional by disabling progress tracking for the entire module, page or just individual widget. While the students are not able to choose their own modules / pages as you suggest, they can simply skip the modules/pages they don't need, and it won't affect their overall progress. 

    Please let me know if you have any further questions!

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  • Hi there!


    Thank you for your prompt reply. 


    So, if students skip the activity/page/module, doesn't it mean that automatically it will capture that they have not completed the course 100%? This will, in return, affect their overall completion rate?





    • Aksara Dot Com Hi Aksara! You can customize whether or not a widget or page counts towards progress. As long as you turn progress tracking off, the widget will not affect a student's course progress and they will be able to reach 100% without completing it.

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