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Hi team!

E-mail announcements are a very important part of course facilitating, especially when you're trying to let your students know about important deadlines, changes or simply to remind them - hey, you're enrolled in a course! As an average person receives dozens (if not hundreds) of e-mails per day, it's particulary important that the subject line expresses the gist of the message.

Currently, whenever I make an an announcement, subscribers receive an e-mail with the subject line "[my name] has made an announcement".  😶

Would it be possible to change the title of these emails so that it contains the subject of the announcement or title of the blog post? This would be so helpful! 


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  • I am also wondering how exactly to do this.

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  • Hello,

    Yes, we have the same problem here, people aren't receiveing enough information in the subject title. They don't need to know who made the announcement, or even that there is one as that is implied in them receiving the email, thus "Katy Ashton made an announcement" is not helpful at all.

    They do however need to know the headline of the annoucement so they can see the importance and relevance of the notification.

    We would appreciate the notifications stating the headline of the announcement instead as they will be less likely to be ignored.

    Many thanks


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  • Hi.

    I have to agree with Alenka et al on the urgent need to be able to use a more appropriate message in the subject title.  It is so important that we communicate with our users in a sensible and relevant format.  The ability to amend the notification to be the headline instead of the current format is vital.

    Pls review and update.

    Kind Regards

    Candice Goold 

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