Why can't I embed my page as an iFrame?

Which websites can or cannot be embedded as iFrames?

An iframe (short for inline frame) is an HTML element that allows an external webpage to be embedded in an HTML document.

When attempting to embed an iFrame into your course, you may occasionally run into some errors such as seeing a blank white box or error notification. This is because not all websites can be embedded.


Websites that begin with http cannot be embedded as iFrames. This is because they are not secure.


Websites that begin with https can in most instances be embedded as iFrames. The exception to this is where the original website does not allow itself to be embedded. 


What do I do if I can't embed a website?

There are a few different workarounds available if your website cannot be embedded as an iFrame.

Option 1: Hyperlink in Text Widget

Step 1

Highlight the word in your course that you wish to use as a link.


Step 2

Click the Insert/Edit Link icon (appears as a chain symbol)


Step 3

Copy & paste the link of the site into the bar and click OK.


Step 4

Be sure to click Done in order to save your changes.


The word should now be highlighted blue. Anyone who clicks on it will be redirected to the proper website.


Option 2: Insert/Edit Media in Text Widget

Step 1

Add a Text Widget to your page (or use an existing one)


Step 2

Click on the Insert/Edit media button (it should look like a Play button)


Step 3

Paste the URL of the page you'd like to embed.


Step 4

Choose your dimensions and click OK in order to save your changes.



Step 5

View the page. 


Now a small part of the page will show as a preview. When students click on this, they will be redirected to the full website.


Option 3: HTML Snippet Widget

Step 1

Go to the page or item you would like to share, choose the Embed option, and copy the code. The following image uses a YouTube video as an example.



If your site does not have an embed option, you can get the code by going to Embedly and pasting the URL like so.


Step 2

In your course, toggle your widgets to Integration and add the HTML snippet widget onto your page.


Step 3

Click Setup.


Step 4

Paste the code you copied earlier and click Done.


Now the item has been embedded onto the page.


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    Hi there, thank you for a really helpful answer! I was wondering what software are you using to create the above scenarios? 

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      • Alenka_Prezelj
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      Abby M Hi Abby, not sure I understand your question. Could you clarify what you mean by "scenarios"?

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