Daily digest email summary of all activity in the course that day

Currently the only options for email notifications seem to be individual emails for every like, comment directed at the user or reply to the user OR they can get a weekly summary. 

It would be great if there was an option for an email daily digest - a summary of ALL activity in the class (so not just user specific notification) so that the user can scan all activity that has occurred that day and decide if they need/want to go into the classroom to reply and interact without having to log into the classroom. 

It would be especially useful for tutors to be able to at a glance see which of their classes might need help without relying on the students correctly @ mentioning them. 

We're currently using the Course Feed to try and make it easy to view, but that requires the student/tutor to log into the learning hub every day vs checking their email which is a much more efficient process. 

It also means that if no email is received that day, they know that nothing has changed in the classroom so there would be no need to go in and take a look.

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    Hi Australian Writers' Centre - great news, this is now possible!

    Please refer to: Daily email digest

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