How to add a course to multiple portals

A course can be added to multiple portals.

In general this is simple. As long as you are an admin of both a course and a portal, you can add the course to the portal.


Course branding

While a course can be included under multiple portals, it can only have one primary-linked portal.

The primary-linked portal determines some of the course defaults like branding (e.g. the landing page theme colours).

When adding a course to multiple portals, the platform will make some assumptions about which primary-links are intended. See scenarios below:


Scenario 1

  1. Course X is not under any portal.
  2. Course X is added to portal A.

Course X is primary-linked to portal A


Scenario 2

  1. Course X is already in portal A.
  2. Course X is added to portal B.

Course X can now be accessed from both portal A and portal B 

Course X is still primary-linked to portal A


Manually selecting a primary-linked portal 

If the default behaviour does not match what you intend, you can always override the default primary-linked portal.

Course setup > General > Institution

This selector will contain a list of all the portals that the course was added to (although it will only show the portals where you are an admin).



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