How to copy multiple existing courses to an institution

Course Management in Institution Portal

1. How to create a course from inside the institution portal?

2. How to add an existing course to the institution portal?

3. How to copy multiple existing courses to an institution?


This article describes the role of institution administrators who have the ability to copy multiple courses within the Institution settings.

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How do I copy multiple existing courses to an institution?


To create a copy of existing courses to an institution, you must be on a custom or institution plan and you must be logged into the institution with institution admin permission.

You must have course admin permission on the existing course that you wish to copy if you are not a subscription admin on the custom plan. 

Step 1

Go to Institution settings for the institution that you want to copy existing courses into.


Step 2

Go to the Courses tab > Copy existing course.

Step 3

Choose the courses that you would like to copy. (please note that a maximum of 50 courses can be copied at a time)


Step 4 (optional)

[Optional] You can search for the course name by typing into the search bar.


Step 5

Click on the Next button and a list of courses will appear in a table underneath.


Step 6 (optional)

You can change the Course name and Course URL by clicking onto it and typing - please note, course URL must be unique.


Step 7

A pop-up will appear telling you that copying is in progress and that you will receive an email when it is done.


You will be re-directed to a progress status page.


Please note: depending on the size of your course, it could take up to 15minutes to copy each course. 



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