What are kudos?

Kudos points are awarded to you by the community. You receive kudos for contributing quality content to a course that might be helpful and informative for other people.

Kudos can be earned by likes and favouriting pages.

  • Comment Kudos: There is a 'like' button on every comment. When someone likes your comment, you receive a Kudos point.

  • Page like Kudos: If someone clicks on the 'Like' button at the bottom of a page that you have created, you receive a Kudos point.


  • Post like Kudos. If someone likes your post, you receive a Kudos point.



You can see how many Kudos you have on your profile page as well as on any course's home page.

  • On your profile page, you will see the sum total of your kudos across courses.
  • On any course's home page and your course progress page, you will see the kudos you have earned by contributing within that course only.





Good luck contributing meaningful content within your course communities! :)

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  • Dear admin,

    How can we add the page as favorite, as advised in the attachment?

    • MOHD IKHSAN MD RAUS Couldnt see any star in each of page.

  • Ok. Thanks

    • Wahyono
    • Wahyono
    • 2 yrs ago
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    Thank you very much

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