What are kudos?

Kudos points are awarded to you by the community. You receive kudos for contributing quality content to a course that might be helpful and informative for other people.

Kudos can be earned by likes and favouriting pages.

  • Comment Kudos: There is a 'like' button on every comment. When someone likes your comment or page, you receive a Kudos point.

  • Page like Kudos: If someone clicks on the 'Like' button at the bottom of a page that you have created, you receive a Kudos point.


  • Page favouriting Kudos: When someone favourites a page (by clicking on the star icon) added or created by you, you receive a Kudos point. 


You can see how many Kudos you have on your profile page as well as on any course's home page.

  • On your profile page you will see the sum total of your kudos across courses.
  • On any course's home page, you will see the kudos you have earned by contributing within that course only.

Good luck contributing meaningful content within your course communities! :)

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