How to set up custom institution and course terminology

Custom terminology provides a way for institution administrators to customise the following terms that appear on landing pages:

- course

- qualification

- course objective

- course outcomes

To set this up you can go to  Institution settings > Institution Marketing > Branding > Terminology.

This allows you to set the terminology specific to your institution.

The changes will reflect in your Institution, Course, and Qualification landing pages.


  • Custom terminology for "your basic unit of studying" (e.g. default: Course, another example: Module) is displayed on the Institution portal landing page under the Team member's default description (unless they have edited it).

  • It is also displayed on the Qualification pages:

  • It is also displayed on the Course landing page for courses within a Qualification:


Qualification: Custom terminology for a collection of units that combine to form a pathway (e.g. Certificate) is displayed on:

  • Course landing page for courses within a Qualification:


Course objective: (e.g. learning target) is displayed on the qualification courses page. (only if the Course objective has been entered for that course).


Course outcomes:  the custom terminology  (e.g.  Educational outcome) is displayed on the course landing page.

You can set up further customisation of the institution landing page terminology and navigation bar under Institution settings > Institution marketing > Landing page.




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