OpenLearning AI Assistant - Activity Builder

On any course page, go to edit mode and scroll to the bottom. Choose from any of the templates in the list.

If you are using the AI tool for the first time in this course, you will first need to enter the Course info. You will only need to do this once.

Click on the Course info tab and enter the course topic, audience and tone.

Next, click on the Activity builder tab to choose the type of learning activity you'd like to create on this page, such as ice breaker, crowdsource challenges, etc.

Click Generate activity.

Based on the type of activity, enter the relevant information for the activity.

Click Generate activity.

Depending on the complexity of the task, it might take a few moments to finish generating:

When done, review the generated activity and decide whether to discard, refine, or keep. 


 When you are in AI assist mode, the page cannot be manually edited until you choose to discard, refine, or keep the page.

  • If you opt to refine the activity, fill in more details to regenerate the activity.


When done generating, click on Give feedback button.

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