Exporting 'Learner Page Completion - Overview' data.

is an export option that allows a Course Creator and/or Administrator(s) to export the following data shown below that are also grouped by

  • External learner ID
  • User ID
  • Profile name
  • Learner name
  • Pages completed (included in progress)
  • Pages completed (excluded from progress)
  • Pages released for the learner (included in progress)
  • Pages released for the learner (excluded from progress)
  • Total pages (included in progress)
  • Total pages (excluded from progress)

As a Course Creator/Administrator(s) one may want or need to keep a record of the 'Learner Page Completion - Overview' data for reporting purposes, and so they can export these data on a regular basis by following the steps outlined below:

On the left-hand navigation menu of your course, go to Course Setup → Exports


Click on New Export

Click on the 'What do you want to export?' drop-down menu, and then select Learner Page Completion - Overview


Then choose the Class you'd like to export the data for


Select the data columns you'd like included in your export


Choose a Name for your export, and then click on Save. Make sure that the bottom right icon shows 'Saved' (this should also Auto Save).

When you're ready, scroll back up to the top of the page and click Back to Export List at the top left corner.


Your newly created export should appear on this page now. Click Run Export to extract the results.

Once the export is done loading, click on Download and the .CSV zip file will download to your computer.
Note: Exports may take some time to run and download so please be patient!


  • The downloadable file will be a zipped folder which contains the exported 'Learner Page Completion - Overview' data in .CSV file format grouped by the Course Module(s).
  • In addition to the main CSV, this export option will also create additional CSVs for each set of modules in the course. Both the main set, and the extended activities will each have their own exported completion stats values.
  • Another export labelled 'Learner Page Completion - Detailed' will provide the following:
    • a CSV per module in the course, with columns per page, and rows per learner (giving a matrix of completion for that module)
    • a CSV per user enrolment in the course, with rows per page and columns for page details (e.g. included in progress) and whether it has been completed by that user.



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