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Hi there,

I'm currently working in the development of a course for Electrical Engineering at the UNSW.

Currently, there is a Course Feed tab installed in the course (see attached image) that can serve as a dashboard for all the post from the different learning activities. However, several students upload images without sense just to complete with the participation mark; hence, the genuine questions are hard to find and sometimes they get lost. 

So, a possible solution would be to have a sub-tab called "Exam Queries" (for example) under Course Feed that only shows the posts from the learning activities that have been tag using "Exam Queries" as a tag. This can be replicated for many other tags. So, in the end, you will see all the tags for Course Feed as sub-tags.

What do you think? 

Best regards


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  • Hi Philippe!

    I think this is a great idea!

    I think filtering (by tag, maybe type of post (submit, comment etc) or module)  and sorting (by date) the Course feed would be a great idea.

    Thank you for submitting this!

  • Thanks Alenka,

    I'm just wondering how to implement this. I'm new in open learning and I would like to have some help with this.

    Best regards


    • Philippe Gentillon Hi Philippe, at the moment, filtering the course feed is not possible, but it is a great idea, and our Product team will look into it.

      In the meantime, if you wish, you can send us the link to your course to and we'll check if maybe we can offer you some kind of workaround for now.

  • Okay, Thanks Aleska.

    I have sent the link to support. 

    Just in case, here is link for you:

    • Philippe Gentillon Thanks! We received the email too. We'll take a closer look and be in touch soon!

  • HI ..  I review my course feed section..I can't figure what is the best way to use the course feed section..please suggest and give examples..thank you

    • fazni susila Hi there! I've replied to your other post :)

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