Add option to be notified when a student enrols and when they post assignments.

I would like the option to receive a notification when a new student enrols. My courses do not follow an academic timeline and therefore enrolments are spasmodic.  I need to mentor my students through the courses. It is frustrating to have to go to the manage students area every few days, just in case someone has enrolled, only to find no new enrolments for several weeks. It would also be useful to have the option to get a notification when they post something.

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  • Hi Diana! 

    Thank you! These two are great suggestions!
    Though we currently don't have a notification that would notify the course creator when a new student enrolls, you could create a ice-breaker activity that would invite students to post something as a comment- perhaps an introduction activity of some sort. A very short activity that most students would complete immediately after enrolling. (ask them to introduce themselves etc). You are notified when a student posts a comment so that could be a workaround for now.

    Hope this helps!

  • Great idea, Diana. I also have an optional course, not tied to a calendar, so to be notified when someone starts would be great. I also have a high degree of apathy on my cohort, so the chance of them posting a comment is low.

    Perhaps a simple checkbox on our course setup to chose whether to be notified, for courses like ours, or not notified, if courses do go by a calendar or predictable enrollment, would be a simple enhancement.

  • Hi Diana and Robert, great news!

    You can now be notified when a new student enrols in your course.

    Please refer to this help article to learn how to set that up:


    As for being notified when a student makes a new post, this can be arranged too. If you are subscribed to the page, you will be notified when a new post is made. The notification will show up on the platform (the bell icon), however, you will not be notified by e-mail.

    More on this:


    Hope this helps! :)

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