Student is missing....again

I am not sure why my student keeps dropping from being registered in her course. I see she completed assignments, and obviously has access. She took her exam/assessment, but I don't see her results. I don't see  her registered anymore as a student either. Please advise. 


Here is the link to her last comment which was 15 hrs ago:


Here is the link to her exam:

and her comment:


Here is the link that shows no students are registered. But,. how can she work if she is not registered?


And, here are student statistics:


But she has nothing there.

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  • Hi Dawn, can you please let us know the student's name? I'm not able to extract it from the links you have posted. Thanks!

  • Hi Dawn, Shanay is in class YR2018SELFSTUDY1A. Her current progress is 88,37%.

    I will look into your assessments now and get back to you shortly.

  • Hi Dawn, I will reply here about the assessment issue so we can keep just one thread going (I will close the other one)

    The reason why Shanay didn't appear in the assessments is that she was course staff. She was added as facilitator in some other classes. To see her results you would have to check Show staff records on Assess students page. As you mentioned that she is a student, I have removed her as course staff, so now she is only a student in class YR2018SELFSTUDY1A.

    On the Assessment settings page I have changed your settings from YES to NO, as it seems Shanay didn't click on Ready to be assessed either. Do you need this setting? It's usually not used for simple exams like yours, so I recommend you keep this on No.

    If you go to Assess students now, you will see Shanay on the list. To see her answers, click on her percentage.


    Please note that assessments are class specific, so if you will need to assess your students in other classes as well, you'll have to set this up gthere too.

    You also might want to test it first (by creating a completely separate testing student account which you enrol in the course) before you have your students do the exams.


    Hope this helps! :)

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