Using Articulate Rise content within OpenLearning

Steps for using Articulate Rise content within OpenLearning with completion tracking.

  This needs to be used in conjunction with an LRS, resthook to capture the SCORM, xAPI statement if you would like to track other activities within the content apart from the completion tracking.

If you have an external LRS i.e. ScormCloud, YETAnalytics, WaterShed etc., please refer to our article here on how to link this with your course:
xAPI: How can I collect and store learner information to use for learning analytics on OpenLearning?

If you do not have an external LRS, our platform can still capture the completion of the content provided they are configured correctly. Note that this is enabled automatically and does not track any other progress within the content of the file.

Once you have linked the external LRS (if any), please follow the steps below to set up the Articulate Rise content in your course.

Export the course content from the Articulate Rise

Step 1

Create the course content in Articulate Rise. Click on the menu button and select Export course.



Step 2

Change the export settings to:

  • Export Type: LMS
  • LMS : Openlearning currently supports xAPI (Tin Can), SCORM 2004, SCORM 1.2 and cmi5 so you can select any one of them.   

For a more detailed guide on what the selection does in Rise 360, please refer to their documentation here:




Step 3

Scroll down to the Tracking section and select the completion trigger that you would like to set for the content-  Example: Track using course completion.


Step 4

Click Export at the top right corner of the Articulate Rise site to download the curated content.

Publish the content and import the course content

To upload the content in OpenLearning, the widget to be used will depend on the type of export that you selected in Articulate Rise 360.

If you encounter any issues during the upload or if the progress is not tracking correctly for the content, please reach out to our Customer Success team at support@openlearning.com for assistance.



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