Using Articulate Storyline (xAPI) content within OpenLearning

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Steps for using Articulate Storyline content within OpenLearning with completion tracking.

Note: There are few versions of Storyline out there and the steps here have been tested and are applicable for Storyline 3 and Storyline 360.

This needs to be used in conjunction with an LRS, resthook to capture the xAPI statement. If you have an external LRS i.e ScormCloud, YETAnalytics, WaterShed etc, please refer to our article here on how to link this with your course:
xAPI: How can I collect and store learner information to use for learning analytics on OpenLearning?

If you do not have an external LRS, our platform can still capture the completion of the content provided they are configured correctly. Note that this is enabled automatically and does not track any other progress within the content of the file.

Once you have linked the external LRS (if any), please follow the steps below to set up the Articulate Storyline content in your course.

Export the course content from the Articulate Storyline

Step 1

Create the course content in Articulate Storyline. Export the course package with the following settings.

  • Export Type: LMS
  • Output Options: LMS > xAPI (TinCan)


Step 2

Check on the completion trigger that you would like to set for the content:

  • Click on Reporting and Tracking > Tracking
  • Select the option- Track using complete course trigger


Publish the content and import the course content

Step 1

In an OpenLearning course, go into Edit mode, navigate to the Integration section of the widget selection and add the HTML5 (xAPI)  widget to the page.


Step 2

Go to the Setup tab and navigate to HTML5 Content: Zip Archive (Upload)

Step 3

Press Select a Zip File and select the .zip file that was published from Articulate Storyline application and select the HTML document to open.

  • i.e index_lms.html, story.html depending on the file that is set as the Launch URL before the package is published.


Step 4

Press "Start Upload (replace Zip Archive)" and wait for the upload to complete

Step 5

Adjust the Display settings to accommodate the height of the embedded content

Step 6

Check both of these options;

  •  [โœ“] Enable xAPI 
  • [โœ“] Use xAPI statements for completion tracking 


Step 7

Paste the following into the JSON fields text input:

  "verb": {
    "id": "http://adlnet.gov/expapi/verbs/passed"
  "result": {
    "completion": true

Please note that the xAPI verb that is used to track the completion of the widget depends on the completion trigger that you set in Step 2.

  • Track using number of slides viewed ( verb - completed )
  • Track using quiz results  ( verb - passed )
  • Track using complete course trigger  ( verb - passed )

Save the widget setup and test the content

Step 1

Press Done to save this setup.

Step 2

Navigate to the Completion Settings tab, ensure that the following is selected:

๐Ÿ”˜ Completed when a specific xAPI statement is matched


Step 3

Click Done again to save the settings and head into View mode. Reload the page to test the changes.

Upon completing the course content, the OpenLearning completion for this page will be updated accordingly.

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