How do I export learner data from my course?

Some course creators may need to keep a record of Learner Data such as their profile name, the percentage of the course they completed, their External Learner ID, and other such information.

To be able to monitor this information, a course creator/administrator can export the Learner Data of your course on a regular basis. You can do so using the steps outlined below:

Step 1

On the left navigation menu of your course, go to Course Setup → Exports    

Step 2

Click on New Export

Step 3

Click the 'What do you want to export?' drop-down menu, and select Learner Data

Step 4

Then choose the Class you'd like to export the data for


Step 5

Select the Data Columns you'd like included in your export


Under the 'Additional fields' section at the bottom of the page, you can choose to include Enrolment question responses.


Step 6

Choose a Name for your export, and then click on Save. Make sure that the bottom right icon shows 'Saved' (this should also Auto Save).

Step 7

When you're ready, scroll back up to the top of the page and click Back to Export List at the top left corner

Step 8

Your newly created export should appear on this page now. Click Run Export to extract the results.

Step 9

Once the export is done loading, click on Download and the CSV Zip file will download to your computer.

Note: Exports may take some time to run and download so please be patient!


Note: The downloadable file will be a zipped folder which contains the exported Learner Data in .CSV file format.

The export should look something like this when opened in Microsoft Excel:



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