What information can be exported and from where?

There are multiple areas within your course where the option to export information will be available to you. Below is a basic outline of where the export option is available and what information can be obtained from that area.


Course Setup > Exports

  1. Learner administration data, such as enrolments and payments
  2. Learner engagement data, such as posts and course completion summaries
  3. Course pages

How do I export course information?


Administer Learners > Advanced

In this section, you can export course comments.

How do I export course comments?


Assessment > Assess Students

In this section, you can export assessment results for one or multiple learners from your course.

How do I assess learners?


Institution settings > Institution Usage

In this section, you can export your learner usage within a yearly billing period.

What counts towards my learner usage?



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