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Hi there openlearning On the page below, which is a "check yourself off" the button to check yourself off doesn't display. When I try to edit to page and click "set up check yourself off" I get a blank window.


On the paragraphs activity page below the paragraphs activity doesn't render. When I go to editing the page and click "set up paragraphs activity" I get a blank window.


I'm in chrome 70.

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  • Hi Tal, we are aware of the issue, and our dev team is working on it. We will let you know as soon as they come up with a solution!

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  • sorry to be a bother Alenka. Does the dev team have a rough idea when this might be resolved? Just so we can keep our students in the loop if that's possible?

    • Tal Greengard Hi Tal! I am afraid I am not sure, but will ask and get back to you.

    • Tal Greengard Hello again! Our dev team is unable to replicate the issue. Could you try again and if the problem persists, could you please send some screenshots our way? Thank you!

    • Alenka Prezelj  Thanks Alenka. At the moment I'm getting some mixed results. Occasionally it times out, particularly for things we have embedded from our server,  but usually it loads ok. I'll monitor it over the next few days and send you screenshots if the problem persists. Thank you again.

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  • Hi Alenka. I'm afraid this is still happening and has been reported to us rather more frequently  in recent weeks. I believe my colleague Kevin O'Gorman has been in touch with you on a seperate but we've decided that I will take over again and talk with you directly. I've attached a screenshot where you can see that the paragraphs is not rendering (none of the questions are showing)

    Alenka, as this is an intermittent issue, could it be related to your server capacity? I couldn't help noticing that the page seems to be loading for quite a while? Perhaps it just timed out? I note you had a conference recently and presumably you have had more demands on your server? Would that be the issue? and if so, can it be rectified?

    • Tal Greengard Hi Tal, thank you for this. I can confirm that this is an issue on our end, and it is now appearing in a few other courses as well. I will pass on the information you provided to our dev team and update you as soon as it is fixed.

    • Alenka Prezelj That is so good of your Alenka - and thank you for such a quick reply.

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