How do I report inappropriate comments and spoilers?

There are a few ways of reporting a comment or a post. 

1. Tag a course facilitator or course administrator or send them a private message.

You can tag your course facilitator to get their attention. Click on Reply and type @ followed by starting to type their name. (for example: @john.... ) Choose the right user from the drop-down. 

2. Delete a comment

If you are the course staff or admin, you can delete anyone's comment. A learner can delete their own comment only. 

3. Flag as a spoiler

 In some cases,  a certain comment could be considered a 'spoiler' (e.g., posting the solution to an assignment).

A course staff or course administrator can hide the post by flagging it as a spoiler. This will hide it from anyone except the author of the post. 

If you are a learner and you'd like to report a spoiler, post a comment and tag your course facilitator to let them know or send them a private message. Learners are not able to flag comments as spoilers by themselves.

4. Report as inappropriate

A course staff or course admin can report comments as inappropriate which hides it from everyone except the author.

If three or more learners report the same comment as inappropriate, it hides it from everyone except the author. 

5. Hide a post

If you are a course staff or course administrator, you can hide an inappropriate post. Please note you will not be able to unhide it.

As a learner, you can only Report as inappropriate.




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