What is a weekly digest and how do I send one out? How do I send an individual reminder?

Learner digests are course-specific weekly emails to learners that show them where they have left off in the course and what pages are next. This is a useful tool for keeping learners informed and engaged in the course. 

In order to send out learner digests for your course:

Go to Course Setup > Notifications > Learners > Course emails.

Step 2

Check "Weekly digest" and hit Save.


This will automatically send out a weekly digest email to learners to help them keep up to date with the course. See example email below:


Please note the weekly digest will not be e-mailed to learners who had already completed the course.


Here's how:

Go to Administer learners > Learners.

Choose the learners you'd like to send a reminder to by checking off the boxes in front of their names.

Click on the Send Reminder Message button.

To see what that message will look like click here.



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