Overview: Setting Up and Launching Tool Providers

LTI Tool Providers can be registered within Institution Settings, using credentials provided to the institution administrator by the external service provider.

Note: Registering an LTI tool provider requires your institution to have an account, plan or relationship with the provider. OpenLearning provides the opportunity for LTI integration only.

Setting up an LTI tool provider

Step 1

Go to Institution Settings > Integrations

Step 2

Select an LTI Provider or Click "+ Add LTI tool provider".

Step 3

Fill in the details (Note: You need to get the consumer key and secret from the LTI tool provider).

To demonstrate, we are adding an LTI Provider called Flat.io. Flat.io is a music creation and collaboration site. We created an Educator account at Flat.io, then went to their integrations list and selected LTI to get the correct details:


Step 4

Click Save. Flat has now been added to and enabled in the LTI Providers list:


This LTI Provider will now be available as a widget in all courses within the institution.

Adding an LTI tool provider to a course

Step 1

Go to the course page and select Edit.

Step 2

Click on LTI Tools, select the widget and drag it onto the page.

 Step 3

Click View. When the course is live, students will be able to launch the LTI Tool Provider from OpenLearning.


Customising the Launch URL

Ordinarily, the resource_link_id (as described below) defines how the Tool Provider instantiates and configures the tool. In some cases however, the LTI Tool provider may be implemented to require a different Launch URL for different instances of the tool (e.g. different lessons), while still using the same registration details set up at the Institution level. In this situation, a custom Launch URL can be specified in the setup of each LTI Provider widget (which will override the Launch URL specified when the tool was registered at the Institution level.)

LTI Parameters (sent to the Tool Provider):

The following are the most crucial parameters sent by OpenLearning as an LTI Consumer, and are given values:

  • user_id: the OpenLearning User ID (as is used by api.openlearning.com). N.B. Your user ID can be found at the bottom of your account settings page.
  • resource_link_id: this parameter is unique for each widget (placed on a page), as well as unique for each group or class context in which the widget is being used. (i.e. users in different groups will have different link IDs)
  • lis_person_contact_email_primary: this parameter will contain a “constructed” email address (rather than revealing any personal user details to external tools). This email address will be in the form {user ID}@users.openlearning.com

OpenLearning also supports sending custom parameters to a Tool Provider. Each custom parameter (specified under setup for each Tool Provider Widget) will be prefixed with custom_ when it is sent to the tool.

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