Many questions

I have a few questions.

  1. I have 3 "classes" for now. Each class starts at a different time and/or on a different day. I am not sure what the best approach is to separating/differentiating the classes.  Meaning, I don't want the students from one class to post or see items from other classes. They should be distinct, except for the community forum. In the community forum, all class participants can interact.  I did see where I can configure a course where only certain classes can see the information/course. However, does that mean I have to have multiple instances of the same class? For example, Class A meets at 10 am. Class B meets at 3 pm. The course is Course X.  Both classes can access the material from Course X, but I don't want their uploads/assignments, or comments to be intertwined.  Any suggestions
  2. I create sub-pages and cant find them after I do.  Or, they end up showing only the uploaded files or pictures that I included in the course. But I see that I can link to pages, but that does not always work out either.  I get errors or I am not sure what the entire URL , or I can't copy it. Is there a way to add a button to the sub-pages?  I know there is a link, usually, at the bottom of the window.  

My goal is to make navigation easy as possible.  I have reviewed videos. and I have attended portions of the courses you have provided. I think the class idea is great for learning these features, but, I would prefer a user's guide or direct answers. Is there a user's guide?

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  • Hi there!

    1) Though course content is the same in all classes, the students can see other students that are in the same class only. Same with their posts, files they submit etc - they only see posts from students in the same class. Unfortunately, it is not possible to create a forum where students of all classes in the course would participate together.


    2) Do you need subpages or just pages? Can you tell me more in detail about what exactly you're trying to do? It would help if you can post the link to the course, and tell me which module and pages to look for, and I can take a closer look at what's going on.


    We do have some user's guides here on this page. We're also glad to answer any questions you might have here on forum, or by e-mail:

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      Alenka Prezelj  I am curious, can I copy one class to another course? So, I have a class in once of the courses. But, I want to make a condensed version of the class/course.  All of the material is in the full class that exists. So, I want to take maybe two lessons from module 1, 1 lesson from module 2, four lessons from module 3 and create a new course/class.  Is that possible and if so, how?

    • Reid Ready Training Hi Dawn, I have some great news. We now have a copy course feature (which is still being tested so we have not shared it with our users widely yet or created help documentation) and you're welcome to try it. It will copy the whole course, not just parts of it. You could delete whatever modules / pages you don't need. To copy a course, go to Course setup > Advanced and search for Course copy section. In the course URL box type the URL of the new course (which cannot be changed and needs to be unique).

      Unfortunately, it's not possible to copy several courses to one course. However, you can copy individual pages from several courses into one course. (How do I copy a page?)

      Hope this helps!

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